Asphalt Shingle Repair and Replacement

man removing asphalt shingles to repair roof

Asphalt Shingle Repair Near You

Asphalt shingle repair begins with removing the old roofing first. It can be a difficult job but it does not have to be, just call us (972) 742-3071. We will do all the hard work. For shingle repair in Forney, TX, Approved Roofing is ready to help!

We use only quality roofing materials, from asphalt shingles to metal roofing sheets, to do repairs to your roof. We have over 20 years of experience with the removal and replacement of asphalt shingles.

Signs your asphalt shingles need to be repaired or replaced are curling edges, cracks, torn or missing shingles, or finding many asphalt granules in your gutters when you clean them. These problems can happen from storm damage, high winds, hail, or because the shingles have reached the end of their lifespan. We also can help you with insurance claims. We have worked with most insurance companies over our 20 plus years in the business.

When we remove the damaged shingles from your roof we will not leave them for you to clean up. When the job is finished you will not see evidence of our being there other than the new asphalt shingles.

Expert Roofers At Your Service

Whether it is just a couple asphalt shingles from storm damage or a large section, we can expertly replace your roof.

Asphalt shingles come in a wide array of colors. They also have different warranties and lifespans. We use only the best quality asphalt shingles from industry leaders like Warrens Owen, Tamko, GAF, and other well-known names. That way you get the best product and warranty service for your roof.

At Approved Roofing, we use our knowledge and skills to help you find the right products for your roof to protect your home and its value. That is part of our number one goal of becoming your trusted roofing company for asphalt shingle repair and replacement.

If your asphalt shingles are showing signs of damage don’t wait! The sooner the repair is done the better protection your home has. Speedy repairs also ensure that your home maintains its property value. Contact Approved Roofing today at (972) 742-3071 to get your shingles repaired or replaced in Forney, TX.