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How can you tell if you have hail damage?

shingle roof with possible hail damage

How big must hail be to damage roof?

Spring and summer in Texas can be an iffy time of the year when it comes to weather. We can go from 2 degrees below zero and heat up to 90 degrees all in one day, as they say, like the temperature saw a state trooper. In between that drastic temperature change, it isn’t unlikely that we could have some storms with it, leaving behind hail damage roofs across the state.

Hail damage roof tops isn’t always visible, and when it is visible, it can be different shapes and sizes. However, hail damage roofs can be less than one inch, approximately the size of a quarter, can cause damaged to an asphalt roofing. This size of hail damage can be hard to see for the untrained eye. A professional roof inspector looking for hail damage, roofs are their specialty.

Hail damage roof top that is one to two inches in size is about the size of an egg and quarter side by side. This is easy for a homeowner to see on an asphalt or metal roofing. Any hail that is larger than two inches will definitely leave hail damage roof tops that can’t be missed. That size could leave holes in the roof, exposing the interior, and should be reported to the insurance company immediately.  

What does roof hail damage look like?

If you’ve never experienced hail damage, you may not know if you have roof hail damage, what to look for. The following indicates any hail damage rooftop:

  • Missing granules: With safety first, climb a ladder and see if any of the shingles are missing granules. If you see the black layer or substrate showing, this could be recent damage. If the black layer or substrate look weathered, sun bleached, the damage is old.
  • Bruises: If you feel dents or dimples as you run your hand over a shingle, and it feels spongy, this is potential hail damage. Roof shingle should feel gritty, but without dents.  Left unaddressed, the roof will begin to age quicker.
  • Cracking: A large hailstone can leave a roundish cracking around where the hail stone hit. This is definite hail damage; roof shingle is likely damaged down under the gritty asphalt to the fiberglass matting. Left unaddressed, the roof becomes susceptible to possible water penetration with the next rain, and then you’ll have a leak and bigger problems.     

Should I replace my roof after hail?

Because all hail damage roofs have isn’t always visible from the ground, it is important to have a professional roofer examine your roof. If you file an insurance claim, the insurance company will have a professional inspection done.

If the roofer advises you that there is a hail damage, roof repair may be all you need, not necessarily a full roof replacement. Whatever the roofer recommends, and you should get two or three inspections and quotes, you should follow through.  Any damage left unaddressed, bruised, cracked, dented, missing shingles or more, will allow moisture to get under the shingles, to the decking, and into your attic.       

chalk circles in for hail damage

Should I file a claim for hail damage?

You have homeowner’s insurance for major events like a fire, tree falling on house, windstorm, and hail. Damage roofs may not always be enough damage for a valid claim, it may not be worth filing. This is why insurance experts recommend reviewing of your homeowner’s insurance policy and confirm your deductible. 

Most policies have a one percent to two percent deductible. If your roof only needs a few shingles replaced, it may not be worth the deductible. Before you have a professional roofer inspect your roof, you can look for some signs of damaged yourself: 

  • Dents in the down spouts or gutters?
  • Chips in the paint or dents and holes in fascia board or siding?
  • Air conditioner coil damaged?
  • Cracked skylight or windows?

If you see any of these things, then you should have your roof inspected by a professional who will be the best judge that your home has enough roof hail damage when to replace. Another sign that you may have hail damage, roofs are being repair or replaced in your neighborhood.

Do insurance rates go up for hail damage?

Are you hesitant to file a hail damage roof claim because your homeowner’s insurance rates may be increased? In most cases, this likely won’t happen if the roof damage isn’t caused by neglect. A situation that a hail damage roof claim could cause your rates to increase would be if you have filed other claims on your homeowner’s already and the hail damage roof claim is one of the subsequent claims. 

You have homeowner’s insurance to help you protect your home from damage and theft. However, you don’t want to abuse the use of the coverage. For minor repairs, it is best to pay for that out of pocket and save your homeowner’s insurance claim for more serious issues like a hail damage roof claim. Looking for help with your hail insurance claim in Forney, TX? Call (972) 742-3071 today.

Should I File a Claim for Roof Damage?

An Insurance Adjuster Inspects a Roof.

Should I file a claim for roof damage?

Anytime your roof has been damaged, whether by a storm, fire or other event, you’ll definitely want to get repairs made as soon as possible. But, don’t rush to the nearest roofer just yet. If you have homeowner’s insurance, roof damage may be covered by it. A roof insurance claim may be the first thing you want to do. Normally, you should consider filing a claim if the damage was caused by what insurers call perils. These are events like hail, wind, lightning strikes, fires, vandalism or acts of God (uncontrollable circumstances) that led to the damage. If the damage exceeds the deductible, insurance will usually cover repairs or even replacement.

Of course, if the damage isn’t caused by any covered peril—if you’ve neglected maintenance for instance—your insurer will probably not cover the damage. The age of your roof may also affect whether repair costs will be covered in full or just partially covered. If your roof is 10 years or older, coverage may be limited. Other circumstances also could limit coverage. Always check with your insurer to clarify any concerns about coverage.

Actually, while you may not want to dive right into repairs without consulting your insurance company, a reputable roofer like Approved Roofing can provide roof insurance claim assistance in Forney, TX. We can, for instance, inspect your roof before adjusters do to assess the damage and help you file the claim. If you need help with a roof insurance claim, give our team a call at (972) 742-3071.

How do roof insurance claims work?

In general, a roof insurance claim will involve you filing a claim, an insurance adjuster coming out to inspect the damage, and the insurance company paying out a particular amount based on the coverage you have and the damage assessed. While this may sound simple, it can be complicated depending on the coverage you have. Many policies assess coverage based on the replacement cost value (RCV), which means the cost at the time of loss minus the deductible. Depreciation does not factor in. Some companies, however, offer coverage based on actual cash value (ACV), which factors in depreciation over time. This means if your roof is damaged both the deductible and depreciation value are subtracted from the claim. This could leave you short when it comes to paying for repairs or replacement. ACVs are often offered at a lower premium than RCVs. Check with your insurer to find out how your roof is covered under your policy.   

How do I claim storm damage to my roof?

Filing a roof insurance claim follows a similar process whether it’s for a storm, a fire, or other event. The steps are outlined below.

How to file roofing insurance claim

  • Fully document the damage: Take as many photos as you can of the damage, and, if possible, what caused the damage. You’ll want to take photos before you make any temporary repairs, like adding a tarp.
  • Get in touch with the insurer: Once the damage is documented, call your insurance company to let them know about the damage and confirm that it is covered by your policy. If the roof was vandalized, you’ll want to file a police report before contacting the insurance company.
  • File claims paperwork: Your insurer can either provide you the paperwork to file the claim or often you can file the claim online.
  • Claims adjuster verifies claim: Usually, the insurance company will send out an adjuster who will verify the claim by documenting the damage.
  • Save receipts from all repair work done and other related receipts: You’ll want to save all receipts for repairs or even any for stays in hotels. You want to make sure all information is documented and accurate and the insurance company could reimburse you for a hotel stay if your home was uninhabitable.

One thing to remember, should you have any disputes with the insurance company over coverage, you have the right to hire a public adjuster to help you with the claim. You can always get help from Approved Roofing with this.

How do I get my insurance to pay for a new roof?

If you are making an insurance claim for roof replacement your claim must meet certain criteria set down by the insurance company to get a new roof. Foremost is that the damage has to fall under a covered peril such as a storm or a fire or similar event. Next, the damage must exceed the deductible. Coverage may be limited, however, depending on circumstances such as the age of the roof.

What do insurance adjusters look for on roofs?

With a roof insurance claim, your insurance company will normally send out an adjuster to inspect the roof to verify the claim. The adjuster will take into account a variety of things, including the age of the roof, as well as if it was installed properly. Primarily, though, they will be looking for visible signs of damage such as missing shingles or divots in the shingles caused by hail.

Hail Damage is Circled in Chalk by an Adjuster.

Roof insurance claim denied

One of the primary reasons an insurance company might deny a roof insurance claim is that the damage assessed does not exceed the deductible. The roof’s age may play a factor as well in having a claim denied or assessed at a lower rate that might leave you short for repairs. Sometimes insurance adjusters may miss damage or even undervalue the damage once they’ve assessed your roof. If you believe your insurance company may have underestimated the damage to your roof and would like help with your roof insurance claim in Forney, TX, give Approved Roofing a call at __PHONE__. We have years of experience in roofing and working with insurance companies, and can help you get a fair settlement.

When to install a new roof

damaged roof and shingles after a storm

Protecting your home year-round

Your home is an expensive and important investment and the roof on that home is a protection for your home and your belongings. Which is why it is essential to do regular inspections and keep maintenance up with the roof. A new roof installation is an expense that most homeowners are not prepared financially. 

In a lucky but unlucky way, most homeowners will get a new roof installation when they need to file an insurance claim or damage. “Will homeowners insurance pay for a new roof?”, is a popular question, but there isn’t any straight yes or no answer. Some acceptable insurance roof claims can depend on where you’re located. Most insurance roof claims are likely because of:

  • Hailstorms
  • Ice storms
  • Heavy snow
  • High winds
  • Tree limbs and trees
  • Gales

Insurance roof claims are denied if the adjuster deems that the roof has been neglected, meaning the homeowner has not kept up with cleaning the roof, cleaning the gutters, and making repairs as needed. Nor will homeowner’s insurance pay for a new roof simply because it is old, and normal wear and tear have made a new roof necessary. There may be other exceptions within a policy. It is important to review your homeowner’s insurance policy before you ever need to file any insurance roof claims or other claims.

What does a new roof consist of?

There is more to the roof than what you see from the street. There is a structure to a roof with different styles to choose from, with a budget and climate dictating the choice. There are two categories for the fundamental components of a new roof:  supporting structure and the outer layer for waterproofing. When getting a new roof, installation parts comprises the following: 

The Supporting Structure 

  • The Ridge Board: This is the horizontal beam at the rooftop. The raters are attached by their upper ends and form the height of a roof and its triangle.
  • The Rafters: The rafters are beams that are sloped between the ridge board and the eaves and support the roof deck, the outer materials, and resist gravity’s downward force. 
  • The Ceiling Joists: The ceiling joists are parallel with the ridge board and run across the rafters, providing ties for the rafters and providing protection against the outward force from the weight of the materials installed on top. 
  • The Eaves: The eaves are the lower edge of the roof and project past the outer walls to keep water away. 
  • The Decking or Sheathing: These are the flat panels attached on top of the beams and provide the platform that they attach the outer layers to. 

The Outer Weatherproof Layer 

  • The Covering: On top of the roof decking are the insulating and waterproofing layers are attached. This are the materials that are chosen to match the home’s exterior and the homeowner’s style and taste. This can be asphalt shingles, clay tiles, metal panels, or slate tiles. 
  • The Flashing: The flashing is the thin waterproof pieces, usually metal, and are installed in the roof joints like around the chimney, vents, etc. 
  • The Fascia: The fascia is the horizontal band that closes the rafter edges and is typically made of metal or wood. This is where the gutters are attached. 
  • The Gutter: The gutters are the narrow channel system that collects rainwater and diverts it away from the foundation.        

Should I stay home during roof replacement?

The short answer is no, and if you hire a reputable roof installation company, you shouldn’t feel as if you should. A new roofing job for an average size single-family home typically takes 2 or 3 days, some may take one day. A few precautions of the roof installation process to be prepared for are:         

If a member of the household works from home, or is ill, make other arrangements for the days the roofing is taking place due to the noise factor.  If children will be home during the installation, it is recommended to keep them indoors, so they aren’t in danger of the work taking place, and the same with your pets. If your new roof is due to a natural act or fire, anything that requires you to leave your home, most policies have allowance for lodging during the installation period.       

How long does it take for a new roof to settle?

Any curing time needed for roofing tiles will vary by type of roofing material and the manufacturing of the tiles. Usually all are lying flat within 24 hours after installation is complete.

new shingled roof on a brick home

How long does it take for new roof shingles to seal?

If installed correctly, they should be sealed immediately upon installation. The roofing contractor will typically make sure the nails used during installation only penetrate where the seal area is and surround the nails to form a watertight barrier.

If the time comes that your home needs a new roof, it is important to get several roof installation estimates and compare the estimates. Ask all the questions you have and the ones we have listed here and got everything in writing. Check with your insurance company on all factors of your homeowner’s insurance policy on what is allowed on insurance roof claims and the process they require filing a claim. Dial (972) 742-3071 today for your roof inspection needs in Forney, TX.

How much does it cost to fix a few Shingles

Roof repair

Can roof Repair be Capitalized

Approved Roofing always encourages our clients in Forney, TX to think of roof repairs as investments to their home each time they’re done. For both insurance purposes and to get the most value from your home, your roof should be viewed as just as much as an investment as it should be your first defense against bad weather. With each repair to storm damage, age, and even roof replacement, your roof remains at a high point in the economy. Here’s how: 

  • Roof insurance will cover damages that are sudden, not gradual
  • Roof repairs are viewed as ordinary repairs, necessary to keep your roof functional
  • When you are selling your home, the better your roof looks, the better the sell will be

There is a common misunderstanding for some between capital improvement being roof repair. That is not the case, capital improvements add to the property’s value, which include a deck or an extra bedroom according to the Internal Revenue Service. Roof repairs however should be taken just as seriously, while not earning you revenue immediately, it has the capacity to later on and provide a good picture to the insurance company when a situation arises where you need to make a claim. Shingle repair is by nature something that should be viewed as necessary and vital for your home. 

How long does it take for Shingles to seal?

Shingle repair has a detail it shares with installation and replacement, that is the process of shingles sealing. Each part of the shingle installation process is meant to provide a water resistant aspect to your roof, giving rain water a natural place to go off of your roof. Arguably the most important step in the process of shingle repair and installation is when a shingle seals to your roof. This part of shingles installation is especially the case with more modern tiles such as asphalt, architectural, and rubber shingles. 

The time of which it will take for shingles to seal tends to depend on the temperature. When it is colder, shingles tend to take a longer time to seal and faster when the temperature is warmer accordingly. It also depends on which shingle the homeowner has installed on their roof, each material has a different length of time it takes to seal. 

When shingles are damaged, but not to the point of losing their effectiveness, the homeowner has a choice to make of whether to leave the shingles alone, to reseal them, or to get new shingles entirely. Leaving the shingles alone can end up in them getting torn off by a strong gust and open your roof to leaking. Resealing does not provide the same security as new shingles, due to that it is not a guarantee that it will be a fix. Shingle repair that includes resealing will be a recurring service if chosen because it often points to a problem with loose nails or installation.  Our roof storm damage repair can help to maintain your roof when shingles are damaged by wind and stormy weather.

Will roof leak with one Shingle Missing?

One of the biggest sources of damage that happens when a shingle is blown or torn off happens in the form of leak damage. Due to shingles being the reason your roof is water tight, one missing will make an opening for rainwater and animals like birds and squirrels. Approved Roofing always encourages homeowners to do a quick look over their roofs after every occasion of inclement weather. 

How to repair shingle blow off depends upon the length of damage that has occurred and what kind of shingles you need. The first step of the process is to clear away the damaged area and to place down the your shingle of choice with an adhesive and nails. For more information about the process however, we recommend you call us at (972) 742-3071 and trust us with the process. Roofers go through a rigorous process to learn the craft and it can be unsafe to repair shingles. 

We also firmly recommend that when repairing shingles in the cold, leave it to the professionals. While still durable in the cold after installation, the process of installation with many modern shingles such as asphalt and rubber become easier to break at lower temperatures.

a nice house

How do you fix a 3 tab Shingle Roof?

While Approved Roofing encourages homeowners to make an appointment with one of our professional roofers for shingle repairs, we also provide a step by step process of how we do repairs. 3 tab roof shingles are one of the easier and affordable shingles to buy for homeowners looking for roofing options on their home. When repairing, our roofers cut off the damaged part of the slip or the entire slip and replace it. 

By that same measure, temporary fixes are often necessary on certain occasions. To repair a shingle roof with tar paper is an option when making minor repairs on a roof, covering it from an immediate threat of rain and moisture. However, tar paper is not a long term solution to repairing your roof and should only be applied for short term at most. For more information or to set up an appointment, call (972) 742-3071 so Approved Roofing can help you with your roofing repairs today.

Will a New Roof Increase My Home Value?

roof installation and replacement service

Updating and Improving Your Space

How do you know it’s time to replace a roof? You know when it’s time to replace your washer and dryer or when it’s time to invest in a new water heater. So how do you know when it’s time for a new roof? That’s a great question! Homeowners everywhere struggle with less-than-efficient roofing and may not realize they can invest in a newer, more reliable structure. To learn more about roof installation in Forney, TX, contact Approved Roofing at (972) 742-3071.

working on roof installation

What is a Roof Installation?

A roof installation is pretty much what it sounds like. This is the process of either putting a brand new roof and roof decking on your house or replacing the old roof with a new one. Either way, you are investing a good deal of money in a process that you’ll likely get to spend any time with. Realistically, how much does a roof installation cost? Well, it won’t be in the same ballpark as a heater parts replacement, but it may not be as expensive as you think. The overall cost is going to be dependent on a number of things. If you talk with Approved Roofing, you can learn all about your options as well as the cost for installation and replacement services. No matter what, rely on us to help you with all your roofing needs. We’ll make sure you get the best deals for the best services in town. 

Signs You Need a New Roof Installation

Once you know what’s involved in the roof installation process, it’s important to know what to look for. After a storm of any kind, it’s a good idea to go out and do a cursory check of your property. Do not do this during a storm or inclement weather. In many cases, you may only need something like asphalt shingle repair, but you’ll never fully know until you schedule an inspection with a reputable company. For that, rely on Approved Roofing. Until we can get to your house, though, here are a few things to look for. 

  • Curling or Cracking: One sign to look for is curling or cracked shingles. These will clearly be pulling up and away from the roof. They are a serious liability and can lead to significant damage to your roof. 
  • Missing or Broken Pieces: When the weather drastically changes, asphalt shingles can freeze, shrink, and break under pressure or impact. If you notice pieces or complete shingles that are missing, you need to consider replacement services.
  • Bald Spots: Asphalt and composite shingles are coated in reflective granules. These help to prevent damage to your roof, but those granules can be knocked off. After a major hail storm, check your shingles to ensure there are no bald or light spots. 
  • Granules Everywhere: Low hanging tree limbs can easily brush off a majority of the granules on your roof. Not only will you need to trim back that limb, but you may also need to replace the roof if the removal is extensive. 
  • Age: And of course, the most obvious indication you need to replace the roof is age. Most asphalt shingle roofs will last up to 20 years. If your roof is around that age or older, it’s time to consider a replacement. 

While you can do your own research about how to do a roof installation, your best bet is to rely on the experts. Approved Roofing has years of experience with roof replacement and installation services. More than that, expert knowledge will ensure you have a dependable and reliable structure. Call us today to get started. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to get a new roof?
    • A single-story home needing a roof replacement could expect to pay between $8,500 and $16,500 for a complete service. That price will obviously vary based on a number of different factors, but that’s a general range.  
  • How long does it take to roof a house?
    • On average, it takes about 2-3 days to complete an entire roof replacement or installation. However, the size of your house, the weather, location, and many other factors play into the total amount of time it may take. 
  • Does roof insurance pay for a roof replacement? 
    • It depends on why the replacement is needed. If your roof has been affected by storm damage, then it’s very likely insurance will cover the costs. If you are replacing the roof just because it’s old, insurance will not cover those costs. 
  • How do I know when my roof needs to be replaced? 
    • Look for obvious signs of wear and tear. This would be examples of cracked or curling shingles, bald spots, and more. The most clear indication of needing a replacement will be age. If your roof is almost 20-years old or older, it’s time. 
  • Does replacing roof increase home value? 
    • Yes it does! Updating or refreshing the roof on your home before a sale will greatly increase your home value. Even if you do it before a sale, updating and replacing the roof will increase your property values.
new roof installation

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Is Hail Damage an Emergency?

marks of hail damage

Dealing With Storm Damage to Your Home

There is no worse feeling for a homeowner than finding a leak. Where did it come from? How long has it been there? Roof leaks are generally the result of some sort of roof damage that hasn’t been repaired. Depending on how old your roof is, the damage can get pretty extensive. The most common form of roof damage typically occurs during a hail storm. Hail can result in a good amount of damage to any roof, new or old. If you suspect hail damage for your Forney, TX, contact Approved Roofing. We can start helping you today. Dial (972) 742-3071 to get started.

Signs of Hail Damage

repairing hail damage

How do you know if your roof has hail damage? Hail damage looks like different things on every different home. The level of damage will vary on so many different factors, but there are still several things to look for.  Taking the time to look for these signs can help prevent further damage to your property.

  • Granules Everywhere: This is a big indication of damage. All shingles are heavily coated with layers of granules that help aid in waterproofing and more. If you notice a film of granules around your home or piled up in gutters, you likely have damage.
  • Missing Shingles: In some instances, between the wind and the hail, you really can lose pieces of your roof. Shingles can easily be broken and ripped from the roof, exposing the underlying decking to the elements.
  • Dented Gutters: Sometimes you don’t need to look directly at the roof to know there is damage. Dents, dings, and damage to your gutters can be a clear indication that hail has caused some degree of damage.
  • Leaks: While it’s ideal to find roof damage before something bad happens, that isn’t always the case. You may find damage to your roof through a roof leak inside your home. 

A hail damage roof leak is something that many homeowners will have to deal with at some point in time. Just like many homeowners will have to deal with the need for burst pipe repair. Whatever you need, make sure that you work with the experts. Professional services will almost always guarantee quality results that will last.

What To Do About Hail Damage

So once you’ve identified any possible damage, what do you do next? The next step would be to repair it as soon as possible. Failure to do so can result in a variety of costly problems for you. Namely, leaks. A damaged and unrepaired roof is more likely to leak. More than that, it is more likely to cause other problems that involve other parts of your home, such as your HVAC system. A damaged roof will allow air to enter and escape when it shouldn’t. This can cause your HVAC system to have to work overtime to keep up with the internal temperatures. Not only will you have expensive roof repair costs, but your electric bills will be higher than usual. While you can look up things like hail damage and how to repair it, it is honestly better to rely on a professional. An expert contractor will be able to find damage, determine the extent of the damage, and make the necessary repairs. Depending on what you need, you can schedule asphalt shingle repair with Approved Roofing. We are the leading roofing company in the area, offering a variety of storm and roofing services. Whatever you may need, we can take care of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is hail damage to roof covered by insurance?
    • If there is a leak that has been caused by hail damage, then your insurance provider will likely cover the necessary repairs. However, if there is extensive damage to your roof that is more than just damage caused by hail, insurance will not likely cover it. 
  • Can hail damage cause roof leaks?
    • Yes, it can. Hail can affect your roof in a variety of ways. It can knock granules off shingles, causing them to be less effective at keeping water out. If the temperature is cold enough and the hail is big enough, it can physically knock shingles off of your roof. The result is a vulnerable roof that is more likely to leak.
  • How do I know if my roof is impact resistant?
    • There are a couple of different ways to determine that. If possible, there is a classification on the cellophane on the underside of a shingle. You can also drop a weighted ball onto the shingles to see how they react. 
  • Why is hail damage bad for roof?
    • It’s bad for your roof because the damage of a hail storm can vary greatly. More than that, it can be very difficult to identify hail damage until it’s too late. This kind of damage can result in damaged shingles, leaks, and more. 
piece that can cause hail damage

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Damage to your roof needs to be addressed as quickly as possible. When you have hail damage in Forney, TX, rely only on Approved Roofing for assistance. Call us at (972) 742-3071 to schedule an appointment today.

What do you do after storm damage?

An Insurance Adjuster On a Cell.

What to do after storm damage?

What to do after storm for roof storm damage to make repairs or replacement of the damaged roof in Forney and surrounding areas is contact us, Approved Roofing, your trusted local roofing company. If the storm was extremely strong you may also need residential plumbing as well as residential roofing repairs.

What causes roof damage?

Roof damage can be caused by several things. These are damages from wind, snow, hail, or fire. That also includes a fallen tree hitting the roof after a strong storm goes through. Fire damage can be caused by a spark from a nearby fire landing on your roof, whether it be a wildfire, a neighbor burning organic items, or a house fire. Heavy rains and strong winds can bring down trees that could land on your roof. Snow, especially heavy snow and ice can rip or tear shingles as it slides down the roof. It can also cause roofs to cave in. Don’t forget that damages can include your gutters, vents, and flashing as well.

How do you know if you have roof damage? You may be able to see shingles that are curled, ripped, or missing. However, you should have a roof inspection done especially if it has hailed or the wind has been extremely strong such as 40 mph or above with even stronger gusts. Strong winds can lift edges of the roofing up and peel them away.

Steps to take after a storm are first, assess the damage look for missing shingles, broken gutters, etc. but do so safely. Watch for deep water, downed trees and power lines. Second, get a roof inspection done to mark any small hard to see damages so that an insurance adjuster will see them. Third, call your homeowner’s insurance and file a claim. They will send an adjuster to survey the damage and figure out the cost of the damages. Fourth, before you choose a roofer call us (972) 742-3071 Approved Roofing your trusted local roofers for repair and replacement due to storm damage.

What if your roof damage claim is denied? Contact us with over 20 years of experience we have helped many customers with insurance claims. We have been able to help customers have their denials reversed so their roof is covered minus their deductible.

What happens if you don’t replace your roof? If you do not replace your roof or repair the damaged areas you are inviting big trouble. Mold and mildew can begin to grow. This presents health issues and having to pay to have it removed. It can also cause rot of beams which leads to further structural damage. In the long run not replacing or repairing your roof after storm damage can cost you more. If you have storm damage, we do storm damage repair so contact us today.

What to expect with roof repair replacement

After storm damage what should expect from our roofing company during roof repair or replacement? We will treat you and your home with the respect you deserve. We will communicate with you about the damages, the types of materials that are available for repairs or replacement and what type of warranty and lifespan each has. We will provide you with all the information you need to make the best choice for your home. If you have trouble with insurance claim paperwork or something you do not understand we will work with you on that as well. We will not start the repair until you have decided on what type of roofing material you will be using. After the repairs or replacement is done, you will not see debris left behind. We want you to be satisfied with the job when it is over. With our knowledge and skill we can quickly accomplish repairs or replacement on your roof after storm damages.

Remember not fixing storm damage to your roof will only lead to more expensive problems and health problems. Your homes structure could be seriously compromised so make sure to repair damage as soon as you can. This can be difficult when dealing with insurance but in over 20 years we have works with most insurance companies and will do our best to help you with yours.

Our promise to you

If you have questions concerning what to do after storm damage, insurance claim denial or not receiving enough money, or about roof repairs and replacement call us today at (972) 742-3071! We will answer your questions, treat you and your home with respect, and earn your trust. Our goal is to have you as a satisfied customer. Approved Roofing is your local roof repair company for Forney, TX and surrounding areas.